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High Pressure Autoclaves

All stainless steel Triple walled construction, lid is made of thick die pressed SS 304 sheet in mirror finish. The unit is fitted with 8 wingnuts to hold the lid at high pressure.
Autoclave Is Equipped With
  • Steam release valve.
  • Spring loaded safety valve & stop cock.
  • Water inlet and water outlet valves.
  • Water level indicating gauge glass with stainless steel guard.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Double Heating Element.
  • Two power cords for each heating elements
Working Pressure
  • The normal recommended pressure for sterilization process is (15 psi -17 psi).
  • Working Temperature: 121°C
  • Chamber size & Capacity: 16" Dia X 24" Ht. (400 x600mm)
Note: Special sizes can be fabricated as perthe customer's requirement.
Mode of Heating:
Electrically heated by two immersion heaters of 3000 watts each 220 volts 50Hz.
Optional Accessories:
  • Automatic Pressure Control Switch. This semi-automatic device controls the pressure inside the chamber mechanically and cuts-off the current from the heating elements, when the desired/ set pressure value level is attained inside the chamber and restarts the mechanism once the pressure inside the chamber falls from the desired level.
  • Automatic Water Cut-off Device - This device is a safety device which protects the heaters from running dry. This device ensures that the machine is automatically switched off in case the desired water level falls below the prescribed level.